potential development

Resources. Talents. Unfolding. Creativity. Possibilities. Visions. Goals.

Career change or a new phase of life?

Are you looking for change and a fresh start?

  • Are you longing for more clarity, structure and overview?
  • Would you like to be more aware of your skills and resources?
  • You want your full potential on a professional and/or personal level unfold?
  • Would you like to make better use of your time?
  • Would you like more self-motivation?
  • Do you want to implement your visions and goals creatively, effectively and powerfully?

Motive- and resource-oriented life goal planning


Stress and anxiety, burnout and depression have increased remarkably in recent years

to. People feel overwhelmed by overload and want from a certain pointtime no longer just "work". CG Jung named the time of the Awakening "Mirror Moment".In working life, there is a growing desire for many to change their individual profession to find a personal calling that fulfills and makes you happy. Because they are more like the inner motives, resources and talents. That makes more sense. Gives more meaning of life. Likewise, there is an increasing desire in all other areas to have one's own to unfold "inner truth".

Most people often come in the middle of their life at this "turning point".

It's about individuation - or like CG. Jung called it:



Questions that are getting louder and louder want to be clarified here:


Personality: Who am I?

Sense: What am I here for?

Vision: What do I really want?

Motive: What drives me?

Goal: What am I striving for?

For further questions or if you are ready for a development process, please write to me. In that way we will specify your request and coordinate the first appointments.