Individual appointment: 60 min.  90 €

Individual appointment: 90 min. 130 €

The amounts mentioned are VAT-free according to the small business regulation. For an initial consultation, I recommend the 90-minute-unit. I go into detail about your birth chart and its symbolism.


My offer of advice is aimed at people, who are in phases of upheaval or are in phases of reorientation. It is of great advanatge if your request is clear and specific. The following questions may help you to clarify:

  • What is the right time (for consultation)? Right now (and does it feels ok)?
  • Which experiences do you want to work on now?
  • Wha are the issues now?
  • In which area of your life is development now possible?
  • What is the right time for certain projects?

The better you get to know yourself and your systems, the easier it will be for you to make decisions about your options. The analysis of a birth chart allows potentials, parts of the personality and their interaction to be described, to determine strengths and weaknesses and thus to strive for creative solutions.


Important: Customers, who expect me to make concrete predictions (e.g.you will meet the man of your dreams, have a great career etc.) are N O T in the right place here. Likewise I do N O T make decisions for others and D O  N O T interpret horoscopes of people (children or partners) who are not present.