New Astrology

The better we get to know ourselves, the more harmonious, healthy and productive we can live.

Astrology can be defined as a method that studies the movements and patterns of the planets and other celestial bodies and relates to the life.

It is based on a holistic view of the cosmos in which everything is connected. In the new astrology, I attach great importance to the positive and beneficial aspects. Astrology should help us to get closer to ourselves - to develop to our innermost core , and to optimally develop and live our talents and abilities full of trust.


Radix, position of planets and houses, aspects and transits


Astrology describes development tendencies. This is about recognizing synergies. With me you will learn to read the symbolism of your birth chart. You will recognize your place with an open one hearts as a whole. Talents and opportunities also show up in a horoscope such as challenges and risks. The knowledge of the differentiated symbolic language of the Astrology provides valuable information on the questions that move life. Very interesting is, when it becomes helpful and of great benefit when it comes to shaping your life.

The knowledge about your personal birth chart, your age point (according to Huber) or about the current quality of time can be a good jump start if you are looking for a greater understanding of connections or about reorientation and fine adjustment in current life phases.


For the interpretation of your birth chart we need the date, the place and the exact birth time. If you don't know this exactly, I recommend that you ask the registry office of your place of residence place of birth. Of course, your data will be treated with absolute confidentiality.

For further questions or if you are ready for a development process, please write to me. In that way we will specify your request and coordinate the first appointments.